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You Can't Argue with the Films

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You cannot run away from a weakness. You must sometimes fight it out or perish; and if that be so, why not NOW, and where you stand.  - Robert Louis Stevenson

When you lose a sale, don't blame the prospect; don't blame your sales manager; don't knock your competition; don't complain about your product - but rather take a good look at your mental attitude and your sales technique.

One time we heard Bill Glass say, "I remember my 12 years as a pro. When I would make mistakes in games, I would begin immediately to dread 'film day.' After the game was over Sunday afternoon and until we studied the films on Tuesday, I spent a lot of time wondering how I would look in the films. When I knew I made mistakes, I struggled with what my excuse would be when questioned by the coaches as to why I failed to do my job.

"On film day all the coaches and players would meet in a large room with one end covered by a huge screen. As the game films were run, there you were in living color, life-size and every move you made was clear for everyone to see. Suppose I missed a tackle. The coach would say, 'Bill, was that you that missed that tackle?' Invariably my answer was 'Yes Sir.' I found it always better to make no excuses but to simply admit to my mistake. There it was in living color for everyone to see."

If a player tells himself or the coaches that he is thinking right and preparing right mentally and physically for a game, but plays poorly, then it is obvious that he is not spending enough time with the fundamentals. You will play exactly as you think, prepare and practice. The same is true in selling -- your results will reflect your attitude, your preparation and how you practiced.

Just like the films don't lie, neither do your sales results. They record exactly the way you performed for the week, month or year. Over a long period of time your sales results will be in exact proportion to your sales performance.

Football players can't argue with the films. Salespeople can't argue with results! How are you looking on Film Day? 

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