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When to STOP Selling

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"It is as important to know when to stop talking as when to start."

Dr. Napoleon HillMuch has been written about the "psychological moment" to make the close. Today most students of selling believe that "the moment" can be created several times throughout the selling process. We say, "Close early, close late . . . close anytime the prospect gives you the indication that he or she is ready to buy."

Learn to watch for these buying signs:

Words and Questions. These are some of the most important buying signs. What your prospect says and how he or she says it can be very meaningful. Questions should almost always be interpreted as buying signs. Some examples include, "What discount do you allow for cash?" or "When will this take effect?" Generally speaking, questions indicate interest. Questions as pointed as these tell you that your prospect is waiting for you to bring the interview to a close.

Prospect's Attention. The prospect's attitude often portrays his or her interest. The prospect leans forward, rubs his or her chin, pulls an ear or scratches his or her head. These actions are revealing an "almost persuaded" attitude. Likewise, when a prospect reexamines the product or contract, the time has arrived for you to close.

An Act of Hesitation. When your prospect hesitates just for a moment over one article or item, this is an important signal. You may have uncovered the prospect's need and a reason to buy now.

Tone of Voice. Even a slight raising or lowering of the tone of voice will give you an indication of interest.

Facial Expressions. Most people portray their thinking in their expressions. Watch your prospect's eyes for a look of interest. Many feel that eyes tell you more than words.

Stay alert - pay attention. Be able to recognize and read your prospects through the body language and other indicators we have described. Whenever you are reasonably sure you have a buying sign, then act - attempt a close!

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