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"If you do not sell someone the first time, leave a trail of trust behind."


Warren Buffett, the well-known investor, has three qualifications for judging his investment opportunities. He never invests with anyone he doesn't trust, respect and like - regardless of how good the numbers look.

How many times have you heard it said, "When all things are equal, prospects have a strong tendency to buy from individuals they trust and like best"? This is easily understood. The interesting thing is this - in this age of relationship marketing, should things not be equal, prospects show the same tendency. Like Mr. Buffett, they still tend to buy from salespeople they trust, respect and like. They buy from people who deserve their confidence.

How can you deserve the confidence of others?

  • Be completely honest. The real test is: Do you believe it, not will the other person believe it?
  • Be sincere. We talked about listening last week. Practicing the art of listening demonstrates sincerity, which builds trust.
  • Be prepared. When you make a presentation to a prospect, it must reveal your preparation. This gains the prospect's confidence.
  • Look your best. As the old saying goes, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression." Looking your best will help you feel more confident and your prospects will sense it.

Frank Bettger carried this clipping written by George Matthew Adams with him until he had made it a part of who he was.

The wisest and best salesman is always the one who bluntly tells the truth. He looks his prospective customer in the eye and tells his story. That is always impressive. And if he does not sell the first time, he leaves a trail of trust behind. A customer, as a rule, cannot be fooled a second time by some shady or clever talk that does not square with the truth. Not the best talker wins the sale - but the most honest talker . . . there is something in the look of the eye, the arrangement of words, the spirit of a salesman that immediately compels trust or distrust . . . being bluntly honest is always safe and best.

Carry this Pocket Reminder with you. Read it several times a day. Memorize it. We believe you'll beat last year's performance!

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