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Week #5: The Key Issue

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"Find the key issue and then stick to it." 


How can you get at the key issue? Encourage your prospects to talk. As soon as they give you four or five reasons why they won't buy, and you try to argue each one, you aren't going to sell them.

If you just get them to keep on talking, they will help you sell them. Why? Because they will pick out of these four or five things the one thing that is the most important, and stick to it.

Sometimes, you don't have to say a word. When they get through, come back to that one point. Usually, that's the true one.

The most effective method we know for uncovering the true objection is to use these two questions:

1. Why? and 2. In addition to that, ...?

You might want to keep a record of objections raised by prospects, noting how often the initial objection is the real objection. You'll get better at determining which objections are the real ones and which objections just sound good.

Look at this illustration taken from Bettger's How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling.

While attending a national sales convention, Frank Bettger heard William G. Power, a public relations executive of the Chevrolet Motor Company, tell this story:

"I was about to buy a home in Detroit. I called in a real estate man. He was one of the smartest salespeople I have ever met. He listened as I talked, and after a while found out that, all my life, I had wanted to own a tree. He drove me about twelve miles from Detroit and into the backyard of a house in a nicely wooded section. He said, 'Look at those gorgeous trees, eighteen of them!'

"I looked at those trees; I admired them, and asked him the price of the house. He said, 'X dollars.'

"I said, 'Get out your pencil and sharpen it.' He wouldn't shade the price a nickel. 'What are you talking about?' I said. 'I can buy a house just like that for less money.'

"He said: 'If you can, more power to you, but look at those trees -- one ... two ... three ... four ...'

"Each time I talked price, he counted those trees. He sold me the eighteen trees -- and threw in the house!

"That is salesmanship. He listened until he found out what I wanted, and then sold it to me."

Once you've identified the key issue, target it! Never try to cover too many points; don't obscure the main issue. Target the bulls-eye!

Carry this Pocket Reminder with you. Read it several times a day. Memorize it. We believe you'll beat last year's performance! 

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