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"Find out what others want and then help them find out how to get it."

Think in terms of others' interests. That's the third area of concentration in our thirteen-week course in self-improvement, following Benjamin Franklin's method.

Here's an illustration from Bettger's, How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling, which drives home the point.

One night one of the main buildings of Wooster University burned to the ground. Two days later, Louis E. Holden, the young President of the University, went to see Andrew Carnegie.

Coming immediately to the point, Louis Holden said: "Mr. Carnegie, you are a busy man, and so am I. I won't take more than five minutes of your time. The main building of Wooster University burned down night before last, and I want you to give $100,000 for a new one."

Carnegie said: "Young man, I don't believe in giving money to colleges."

Holden replied: "But you believe in helping young men, don't you? I am a young man, Mr. Carnegie, and I am in an awful hole. I have gone into the business of manufacturing college men from raw material, and now the best part of my plant is gone. You know how you would feel if one of your big steel mills was destroyed, right in the busy season."

Carnegie: "Young man, raise $100,000 in 30 days, and I will give you another hundred."

Holden: "Make it 60 days and you have a deal."

Carnegie: "Done."

Picking up his hat, Dr. Holden started for the door. Mr. Carnegie called after him, "Now remember, it's 60 days only."

"All right, Sir, I understand," answered Holden.

Louis Holden's interview had taken just about four minutes. Within 50 days, he raised $100,000.

When handing over his check, Andrew Carnegie said laughing, "Young man, if you ever come to see me again, don't stay so long. Your call cost me just $25,000 a minute."

Louis Holden had shot straight for the bull's-eye. He knew one of the soft spots in Mr. Carnegie's heart was for ambitious young men.

Dr. Holden probably had much to do with selling an idea far bigger than raising $100,000 for Wooster University. Andrew Carnegie finally gave away more than $100,000,000 for the advancement of education.

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