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"Prospecting is the lifeblood of our business."

Serve what you sell. Clients want consistent service from start to finish. Make certain your prospects get more in the way of service from you than they expect. Make certain they get more than they pay for. Make certain they get more from you in the way of service and information than they can possibly get from your competitors.

The key to your success is recognizing that most of your time must be spent prospecting and arranging interviews so that you show contracts and proposals to people who can and will buy from you. They will buy from you because you arrange to get in front of them and they like you and the manner in which you sell.

The importance of prospecting and its contribution to your success cannot be overrated. An important sale you make is the one you make to yourself relative to being and staying prospect-minded. Professional Advisors regard their prospect file in the same light as they regard their personal bank account; they know that they must make regular deposits to offset withdrawals. If they fail to do this, they will be going bankrupt with their prospect account.

Where will you find these "new deposits"? There are numerous sources of prospects. We will discuss the major sources relevant to selling at MDRT levels. The "bottom line" prospecting goal is to develop Qualified Leads who can be seen under favorable conditions. If you are to achieve superior results, prospecting must become as natural as breathing. It will, if you conscientiously and consistently do these two things:

  • Pay Attention. Successful Advisors observe. Keep your eyes and ears open. Do more than just look, see something. Do more than listen, hear something. Make notes. Develop an alertness and a probing, inquisitive attitude.
  • Maintain an up-to-date "reservoir-building" file. Here's where you organize prospect data and other important follow-up information. The primary purpose of such a file is to provide you a system for bringing names of Qualified Leads to your attention at a time when it's best to make contact with them.

This should not be a "hope chest." It's not a sign of success to have a bulging file of "dead wood." The only "reservoir-building" file that works is one containing bona fide Qualified Leads -- individuals who will appreciate the kind of work you do and the plans and services you offer.

It's trite to say, but it's still true, prospecting is the lifeblood of our business. You can call it what you want -- target marketing, networking, relationship marketing -- however you address it, it still comes out the same -- it's the gathering of qualified names with proper introductions and endorsements.

Carry this Pocket Reminder with you. Read it several times a day. Memorize it. We believe you'll beat last year's performance! 

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