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Week #11: Remember Names and Faces

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"You 'Bet-cher' life insurance!"   

Frank Bettger shared these three rules for remembering names and faces:

1. Impression;
2. Repetition; and
3. Association.

Think of them as IRA.

Rule #1 - Impression. The first thing to do is forget yourself, and concentrate as hard as you can on the other person's face and name. This will help you overcome self-consciousness when meeting strangers.

Psychologists tell us that most of our memory troubles are really not memory troubles at all; they are observation troubles. We will observe a person's face pretty well, but many times fail completely in getting the name. We either don't listen or are unable to hear the name clearly. If you don't hear it, simply ask the person to repeat it.

Rule #2 - Repetition. Do you ever forget a person's name within ten seconds after being introduced?

* Try repeating the name several times in the early minutes of your conversation with the person. "It's nice to meet you, Sue." "Sue, allow me to introduce, John." "We are so glad you could be here today, Sue." You get the idea.
* Use your own name in the conversation. This is helpful to others for remembering yours.
* After you leave a new acquaintance, write the name down. Seeing it will help recall it.
* When you are introduced to a group of people, try forming a sentence or two in your mind using the names.
* To avoid forgetting names when introducing people in a group, don't be over anxious, make it a practice to greet people by their name, and if possible, take time beforehand to become familiar with the names.

The real secret to repetition is: repetition at intervals. Make a list of people you want to remember, or anything you want to remember, and go over it briefly just before going to sleep, first thing in the morning, the next day, again next week.

Rule #3 - Association. Now, how can you retain what you want to remember? Association is undoubtedly the most important single factor. Associate the person's name with an event, an action or something it sounds like.

To help others remember your name, supply the association for them. When introducing himself, Frank Bettger would say, "I'm Frank Bettger." Then he would repeat his name with a grin, "Pronounced like 'Bet- cher life!' . . . Bettger." If it was a business introduction he would say: "Like 'Bet-cher Life Insurance' . . . Bettger."

Follow these three rules this week and see what a difference they make.

Carry this Pocket Reminder with you. Read it several times a day. Memorize it. We believe you'll beat last year's performance!

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