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Week #10: Smile - Happiness

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"If you want to be welcome everywhere, give every living soul you meet a smile, an honest-to-goodness smile, from down deep inside."

Would you like to be welcomed wherever you go? Did you know that the voice with a smile almost always wins?

Soon after Frank Bettger started selling, he discovered that a worried, sour expression brought results that were just about infallible - an unwelcoming audience and failure.

It didn't take him long to realize that he had a serious handicap to overcome. It meant a complete change in his outlook on life. Here is the method he tried. It began to show results immediately in his home, socially, and in business.

Every morning for 15 minutes he determined to cultivate a big, happy smile, just for that 15 minutes. Bettger soon discovered, however, that it couldn't be an insincere, commercialized smile, developed just for the purpose of putting dollars in his pocket. It had to be an honest-to-goodness smile from down deep inside, an outward expression of happiness from within!

It wasn't easy at first, but he kept at it. Bettger made it a practice before going in to see prospects to stand outside their office and think of all the good things he had to say and offer. As a result, he was always smiling when he walked through the door. It made an impact on the people on the other side of the door -- they smiled back!

As you begin to develop a voice with a smile, consider the following:

1. Research indicates that feelings follow action. Put this theory to the test: Practice smiling and see what follows.

2. Studies have been conducted for years by telephone and advertising companies that show the voice with a smile wins. Even in our high-tech culture, it still matters greatly about the voice on the other end of the line. Companies spend millions to have just the right voice on their automated systems.

3. Smiling can be the start to cultivating happiness. We begin to expect good things to happen and most of the time, they do.

Frank Bettger discovered that he could cultivate happiness with a smile. He practiced smiling with his children, his wife and his business associates.

This is our challenge this week: Start developing a voice with a smile by picking up the phone to set that next appointment - AND SMILE. The voice with a smile almost always wins.

Carry this Pocket Reminder with you. Read it several times a day. Memorize it. We believe you'll beat last year's performance!

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