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Time Savers to Keep You Selling


Here are some specific solutions to gain control of your time. Time management is crucial and the good news is, it's a skill that can be learned! We encourage you to implement these time savers immediately. You'll see how simple it is to focus on the high-payoff activities when you are in charge of your time.

  • Make every call count. If you can't make a sale now, determine when you can.
  • Keep your automobile in top condition. You can't earn commissions if you can't get to your prospect.
  • Maximize the technology available today for managing your business.
  • Make the most of your transition time. Listen to audio messages during your "in between" time. Turn your automobile into a learning center.
  • Develop your assistant. Besides routine correspondence, answering the phone and monitoring visitors and appointments, an assistant can be invaluable in anticipation and follow-up.
  • Make use of specialists where you lack expertise. It saves time.
  • Skim books, magazines, websites for ideas. Learn to skip over unnecessary details. Retain usable ideas and quotations in a retrieval system, whether electronic or on 3 x 5 cards.
  • Generate less paperwork. Throw away nonessential papers once you have read them.
  • Handle each piece of correspondence once. The best way to do this is have a set time and place to respond to emails, letters, and even many phone calls.
  • Avoid "friendly visits." Many salespeople fall into the trap of looking up friends when they should be making calls.
  • Maintain an updated, easily accessible address book for quick retrieval of frequently dialed numbers.
  • Decide on those responsibilities where you must be accountable and those things that can be delegated -- then delegate!
  • When you start something, be determined to do it right the first time and do it to a finish. Resist the temptation to leave a job unfinished. It takes more time to re-familiarize yourself with a project than to complete it the first time around.
  • Become clock-conscious. Set your watch five or ten minutes ahead. It will make you time-conscious and keep you punctual.
  • Don't try to remember everything. Record appointments and important information.
  • Plan unavailability. Plan a "quiet hour" each day for concentration and creative thinking. It will pay dividends.

Good luck and good selling!

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