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The Most Important Component of Your Success

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"Habit is like a cable. We weave a strand each day until it is so strong it cannot be broken." Horace Mann

(Portions of today's message are from Garry Kinder's book, 50 Lessons in 50 Years).

Today we remind you of the #1 concept we've ever learned when it comes to being successful. It was given to us by Albert E.N. Gray in 1940. Here it is: Successful people form the habits of doing the things that failing people don't like to do.

Albert E.N. Gray delivered this at a NAIFA (formerly NALU) meeting in 1940 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His first few words went something like this:

I'm Vice President of Sales at my company. My problem is, I don't know anything about sales; I'm actuary. But being an actuary, I wanted to find out what it was that every person who had ever been successful at our company had in common. Since I am an actuary, I went searching for the common denominator -- and I found it. It's as simple as it sounds - it's as true as it seems: Successful people form the habits of do the things failing people don't like to do.

What is it that failing students in college don't like to do? Study! What is it failing athletes in college and the professional ranks don't like to do? Practice! What is it that failing financial services professionals don't like to do? They don't like to make contacts, memorize scripts or keep good records.

The discipline to form good habits is a tremendous characteristic that we learned on the playing field. Jack and I became very disciplined athletes. This carried over into our personal lives and into the business world. We developed the discipline to do what we ought to do.

For us, the most important word in the English language is -- Discipline. We learned that champions possess the discipline to practice when nobody is watching. We learned to stay focused when the going gets tough during the heat of battle.

Whatever success habit you need to form - discipline yourself to do it today! 

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