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How to Motivate Clients to Action


Motivating to action is the aim of every presentation you make. The single most important attitude for you to carry into your presentation/closing interview is this one: I will take the initiative and assist my prospect in making the buying decision. The prospect will seldom ever close the sale. I must supply the motivation.

* Summarize the key buyer benefits. This is the first step in motivating prospects to take action now! Frequently, the prospect forgets some of the reasons for buying -- remind them. Your rapid-fire summation recalls to the prospect's mind the important things that dictate acceptance of your recommendation.

* Next, ask for any questions the prospect wants answered. You will gain valuable information answering their questions. Look for buying signs here.

* Move to questions of your own. Your strategic questions should assist the buyer in making minor decisions in favor of your recommendation. These minor decisions should direct the buyer to make the important decision to buy from you.

* It is now time to ask the prospect to buy! Assume the prospect is going to buy from you now.

Many buyers say it is amazing how many sales reps seem unable to bring themselves to ask for the "order." Keep in mind that you may have to ask the prospect for the "order" several times before the sale is obtained.

We encourage you to follow this strategy for motivating prospects to action.

Good luck and good selling!

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