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Never Give Up


A solid base for success is perseverance. Dismissed from a major newspaper with the advice to try something else because he had no talent, a young man considered giving up -- but he didn't. His name ... Walt Disney.

Another young man who loved flying, crash-landed the first two times he soloed and, the third time, he flew head-on into another aircraft. Give up? Not Admiral Richard Byrd!

Author Rod Serling of Twilight Zone fame, wrote and tried to market 40 stories before he sold one.

The Golden Arches are a universal sign recognized throughout the world. Ronald McDonald is a household name. The result of talent? Perhaps. But more than that, it is the result of the motto adopted by McDonald executives: "Press on!"

Yes, a solid base for success is perseverance. The great triumphs of your sales career will be the rewards of your persistence. Never depend on your genius to carry you. If you have talent, improve it. If you have none, develop it, but do not depend on it. The rewards of selling are the results of persistence.

Perseverance, not genius, separates winners from the losers in selling. Sixty percent or more of your selling time is spent in a negative environment. Three of every five prospects you call on will likely deflate your ego. It's perseverance that serves you in such a climate. Never give up!

Good luck and good selling!

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