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Stamp it with Excellence


There is an indescribable superiority added to the character and fiber of the salespeople who consciously put the trademark of quality on their work. The mental and moral effect of doing things accurately, painstakingly and thoroughly can hardly be estimated because the processes are so gradual, so subtle. Every time you obey the inward law of doing right, you hear an inward approval. On the contrary, every half completed, careless, slipshod job that goes out of your hands leaves its trace of demoralization behind and excellence becomes impossible.

There is no other advertisement for a sales professional like a good reputation. Many of the world's greatest manufacturers have regarded their reputation as their most precious possession, and under no circumstances would they allow their names to be put on an imperfect article. Large sums of money are often paid for the use of a name because of its reputation for integrity, reliability, and excellence.

Never be satisfied with "fairly good," "pretty good," or "that's going to be OK, I think." Do every selling job to a finish and accept nothing but your best every time. Someone is watching. Someone will notice. And that someone can become a valuable customer.

There is great power in holding a high ideal of your sales work. Selling as a way of life teaches many lessons. One of the most important is that you are not paid for who you know - nor for what you know. As a professional salesperson, you're paid for the quality of service you provide with what you know, for those you know.

The greatest and perhaps the only perfect gift we can give to the world is the gift of ourselves at our best. Whatever you do, give it your best - stamp it with excellence!

Good luck and good selling

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Handling Objections Video

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