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Shape Your Future

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"Life is not so much a fight to be fought, a game to be played or a prize to be won. It's more nearly a work to be done and a legacy to be left." - William Arthur Ward

Leaders in all walks of life are forward looking. They have a clear sense of where they are and where they are committed to go. Salespeople who reach the top rungs get there by first assessing where they are. Then they follow conscientiously and continuously their plan for shaping their future!

This type of strategy converts to responsible commitments. And making responsible commitments is the starting point for shaping your future in selling. Now is a good time to take a close look at your responsible commitments and how you are progressing toward their achievement.

We judge the major decisions for shaping your future to be the following:

1. What is your passion - long range? Have you written out your Personal Mission Statement?

2. Are you excited about what you're doing? How are you feeling about your progress and future?

3. Are you satisfied with what you're becoming? Are you living the balanced life?

4. How do you plan to achieve financial security? How much money will you need?

5. Are you contributing to the well-being of a larger community? How will you achieve significance as well as success?

6. Where will you get your motivation? What mentors and models will you have?

7. When your epitaph is written, how will you want it to read? How do you want to be remembered?

Your responses to these issues will affect your position in selling to a far greater degree than any other decisions you'll make personally or professionally.

2020 - When Dreams Become Reality!

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