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Power Phrases for Objections


Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.

No need 

  • Life insurance is really nothing but money. You don’t need more life insurance, but you do need more money. While you are alive, we call it thrift; when you die, we call it life insurance.
  • Intelligent people buy life insurance - when they don’t need it. 
  • You’d give your life for Mary and Bill - why not insure it for them? 

No Money 

  • Don’t be afraid to pay yourself first. 
  • It’s best to save first and spend last. There’s no better time to begin that strategy than now. 

No Hurry 

  • The only time people buy life insurance is when they think they need it. When they know they need it, they can’t buy it. 
  • I never met a person who planned to fail. I have met too many people who have just failed to plan. 


  • Life insurance is inflation proof. 
  • I don’t have to read the Wall Street Journal each morning to learn what happened to my cash values – I know they went up. 

Wants Term and Needs Permanent 

  • Will Rogers said, “I’m not so much interested in the return on my money as I am on the return of my money.” You can’t solve a permanent problem with temporary insurance.
  • Buying and owning your home makes sense. It’s better than renting. The same is true of life insurance. 

Business Insurance 

  • Do you own the business, or does the business own you? 
  • If a key employee isn’t worth insuring, that person isn’t a key employee.


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