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Maintain Enthusiasm


Enthusiasm is at the foundation of all progress! Talent is valuable but, without enthusiasm, it pales at the point of sale. Enthusiasm is the difference between mediocre and superior success in selling.

Where do you get this energizing quality of enthusiasm? How do you maintain it after you tap into it?

Admonition one: Take responsibility for your own level of enthusiasm throughout the selling day. Don't leave it in the hands of others or with the circumstances around you. Learn what creates enthusiasm for you. Then, do it - turn it on!

What are your first thoughts when you start a new day? Do you remind yourself of the good news? That's the beginning of enthusiasm for that day.

  • I have a high level of energy--that's good news!
  • I have a mind that is alert--that's good news!
  • I have challenging work to do--that's good news!
  • I have a strong market with great potential--that's good news!
  • I'm creating my future today--that's tremendous!

Admonition two: Act as if you have enthusiasm even when you don't. Psychologists have concluded that it is easier to act your way into a new way of feeling than it is to feel your way into a new way of acting. Read that statement again. Think about it. It translates to this: Act as if you feel enthusiastic and you will feel enthusiastic.

Enthusiasm reflects confidence, spreads good cheer, raises morale, inspires associates, and generates loyalties. It draws customers to you like a magnet. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Good luck and good selling!

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