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Increase Your Listening Power

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"Good listeners generally make more sales than good talkers." B. C. Holwick

Books have been written and courses have been developed on how to be a more effective listener. Every salesperson should read and study all he or she can on this important area of selling. By listening, you:

* Show prospects you respect their opinions.
* Show prospects you're really interested.
* Learn how to guide, direct and assist prospects.
* Help prospects help themselves.
* Exert subtle pressures on prospects.

Here are proven ways to increase your listening power:

* Pay attention! This might seem too obvious to mention. However, it's surprising how many of us try to fake our attention. While listening to someone, we should look at them - squarely in the eye is always best -and give them the attention and respect we appreciate so much when we are talking.

* Recognize the importance of skillful listening. If you don't accept the fact it's beneficial to hear more of what prospects say, there's no reason to bother improving this creative power.

* Observe prospects' gestures and facial expressions. Empathy is one of the outstanding marks of a master salesperson.

* Don't rule out any topic of discussion as totally uninteresting. Creative people are always on the lookout for new and different information. Keep your mind open for new ideas. Let your mind exercise itself as often as possible so that you can strengthen its capacity. This is just the same as exercising any muscle to avoid atrophy. New ideas are all around you and many of them will come by way of the spoken word. Absorb everything you can. You'll become better informed.

* Avoid prejudging the speaker. Listen to what is said, the way it is said - and ask yourself why it is being said.

* Become a note taker. While listening, take notes to review later. This suggestion will help jog your memory and bring back major points as well as compliment your prospects in the process.

* Listen for areas of mutual interest. Resist distraction. Remember, our minds can think at a speed of 500 words per minute, but prospects talk about 125 words a minute. 

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