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Expect the Best!


Expect the Best!

Expect to do those things that look like they can't be done. Set your expectations high. They will be the limit to which you rise. And when those expectations are set high, begin to do the little things required to reach those goals. Doing little things well is a necessary step toward doing big things with excellence.

Romana Banuelos had little reason to expect great things for her life. When she was just 18 years old, living in Mexico, her husband deserted her and her two children. She was poverty-stricken and uneducated.

Romana borrowed enough money to buy bus tickets for herself and her two children to Los Angeles, California. She spoke no English. She had no skills or training.

She arrived in Los Angeles with only seven dollars in her pocket. When she gave the address of a distant relative to a cab driver, it took her last dime to pay the cab fare. Safe with her relatives, Romana began her search for a life of meaning. Though beaten down, disappointed, and rejected, she held on to her great expectations for a better life.

She got a job washing dishes in a cafe. After the evening shift was over, she stayed on from midnight to six o'clock in the morning to make tacos. Romana was able to save $400, which she invested in a taco machine. She expected great things of herself!

During the next 20 years she developed the largest wholesale Mexican food business in the world, Romana's Mexican Food Products. But that is not the end of the great expectations of Romana Banuelos. Because of her outstanding accomplishments, she was frequently cited by the business community. Ultimately, the President of the United States appointed her Secretary of the Treasury, the first Mexican-American and the sixth woman to hold the position.

Romana Banuelos had a dream. She expected great things of herself. She expected the little things she did to be done very well. And those little things done well paved the way for big things done with excellence.

What about you? Do you expect great things of yourself? Do you expect to do the little things very well? Do you expect those little things done well to pave the way to big things done with excellence? Expect great things of yourself!

Good luck and good selling!

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