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Develop the Winning Feeling!


No matter where you stand today - Finish Strong!

Developing the winning feeling of confidence is the first principle of professionalism in selling. Why? Because confidence in yourself will create the same feeling in others. They will believe in you, trust you, and have confidence in what you tell them.

Here are seven simple keys that will help you - ways in which you can develop this all-important winning feeling.

Key No. 1 - Build Your Appearance. Appearance affects attitudes - yours as well as your prospect's. Be aware of your posture. Project a professional presence.

Key No. 2 - Act the Part. Whatever it is that you would like to do better, act as though you are already good at it.

Key No. 3 - Speak Faster. Make a habit of increasing your rate of speech and take note of its impact on others. Immediately, you will appear and feel more enthusiastic and confident.

Key No. 4 - Compete, but Don't Compare. Build your own "game plan." Compare your life with what you ought to be.

Key No. 5 - Practice What You Do Well. Confidence flows best from successful experiences. Build on your strengths.

Key No. 6 - Cooperate with Life. Focus your attentions and energies on those things you can do something about.

Key No. 7 - Develop a Mentor. Find someone who will be genuinely interested in your success.

Put these key actions to work every day. Follow them until your selling style automatically assumes a position of confidence.

No matter where you stand today - Finish Strong!


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