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Create an On-Time Personality

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"Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment."

When it comes to sizing up a person's sense of time, we believe in the Rule of Halves. In our experience, half the world is on time, half the world is late. Half the world gets a head start on deadlines, half the world procrastinates.

We can live with both halves - once we realize which half we are dealing with - but we prefer doing business with people who are on time. We find they like to see that quality in us as well. Here are seven rules that will help you create an on-time personality.

Rule 1. Speed up when you're running behind. If a 30-minute meeting runs longer than expected, cut your next meeting short to get back on track.

Rule 2. Avoid rush hours - in all their forms. That is, we do the things that everyone has to do - e.g., get to work, catch a flight, make a meeting, book a table at a popular restaurant - but we schedule these activities at times when the majority of people are least likely to do them. This means we arrive at work at least a half hour before the rest of the world gets started. We schedule early lunch and dinner meetings. When we cannot avoid peak times, we follow Rule 3.

Rule 3. Allow time for things to go wrong. Whether we are going across town or across the country for a meeting, we give ourselves a cushion. This is obvious, yet how many people budget 45 minutes to complete a trip that, under the best of circumstances, would take 60 minutes? And then they wonder why they're 15 minutes late or more?

Rule 4. Prefer being early to being late. This is a simple matter of temperament. We know many people who regard being early to a meeting as a sign of weakness - signifying that they have nothing better to do but cool their heels in someone's reception area. Being early, we've found, not only makes a great impression, but it is a great time to collect your thoughts or return a few phone calls.

Rule 5. Set your watch five minutes fast. This will keep you punctual -- and at the same time, send a message to others that you are time conscious.

Rule 6. Recognize the benefits. Prospects see that you respect their time; they will likely respect yours. You earn the reputation of being dependable. You make a great first impression! You are the master of time, rather than its victim.

Rule 7. Re-read and inwardly digest Rule 6.

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