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Close Sales Confidently

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"A great salesperson is one who can close the sale and get the order - and the reorder - from a prospect who is already doing business with someone else."  Harvey B. Mackay

It's trite to say, "Nothing happens until the sale is closed," but it's true. Closing sales is the main objective. This is the high payoff.

Sales professionals who go to the top and stay there understand how five basic closing principles help them deal with the "buyer complex" and close more and better sales.

  • Speak as one who has authority. You'll develop this skill only by becoming over-rehearsed. Research the content of your presentation. Practice your lines. Be a knowledgeable professional!
  • Project positive expectations. Your verbal and non-verbal communication should send a clear message that says, "I'm expecting to get the sale today." Expect success.
  • Be easy to buy from. Speak the prospect's language, not industry jargon. Sell at the buyer's pace.
  • Be difficult to say "no" to. Develop "mini-commitments" as you move along. Gain understanding. Be orderly when using support materials. These things motivate prospects to take action.
  • Make the strategic move. This happens the instant you begin to write on the app. You have now started in motion something your prospect must stop. 

The most important factor in closing sales is not the customer. It's not the product. It's not the price. It's not the terms. It's not the weather or business conditions. It's you - the individual behind the sale - the closer who is thinking right and who has mastered these five closing principles. 


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