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Choose Words Carefully


Communication - everyone is discussing it, studying it, practicing it. In selling, good communication involves more than good speaking. It also requires choosing the right words, the fewest words and the motivational-strength words. In selling, your principal tools are words:

  • Keep them razor sharp. The right word, spoken with emphasis, enthusiasm, and expectancy, becomes your "laser beam" that can melt the granite-like objections of the toughest customer.
  • Keep them short! Long, technical words often cause fences and walls to come between you and your prospects. Short, crisp words are far more likely to build bridges of understanding, goodwill and successful sales records.

Use words that probe and motivate. Avoid the words that irritate. Study the following words and expressions:


  • Why? 
  • How? 
  • What is your opinion? 
  • What do you think? 
  • Can you illustrate? 
  • What do you consider? 
  • What were the circumstances? 
  • How do you feel about . . . Could you explain? 
  • Which would be best for you?


  • Thank you 
  • Congratulations 
  • Let's 
  • I would appreciate your courtesy 
  • I want to make certain I understand 
  • Please 
  • Profit 
  • Guarantee


  • Understand? 
  • Get the point? 
  • Do you see what I mean? 
  • To be honest with you 
  • Bucks 
  • Deal 
  • I, me, my, mine 
  • You know

Be sure you gain understanding. In sales you must be understood. Keep it simple.

Words, carefully chosen, properly used, and effectively spoken, can turn a prospect into a client. Improve your communication skills! Communication makes a difference.

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