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​Build a Strong Self-Image


"As is our confidence, so is our capacity." William Hazily

The late Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the father of Psycho-Cybernetics, taught this about the psychology of self-image: "You will always be true to your self-concept, but your self-concept can and does change."

Whether you realize it or not, you constantly carry a mental image of yourself as a salesperson. This "image of self" may be vague, ill-defined and even blurred in your conscious thinking. You may be at a loss to clearly explain and define this mind's-eye picture. You may even deny its existence. Nevertheless, it is there, complete in every detail, in your subconscious mind. This self-image or mind's-eye picture is your private and personal conception of "what kind of a person I am."

You unavoidably "act like" the person you "see" yourself to be. Your mind's-eye picture influences your willpower, which in turn controls all your conscious effort.

You exercise control over these pictures by reading books, listening to audios, watching videos and associating with positive thinking, optimistic individuals. You are what you watch, listen to and read. Form the habit of devoting your time and energy to positive people, thoughts and experiences.

Check your beliefs about yourself. Ask yourself these questions:

* Do I see myself as competent and well-informed?
* Do I see myself as one who is capable of making significant contributions?
* Do I feel good about who I am and what I'm doing?

Our beliefs about what is possible - or impossible - often become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Until Dr. Roger Bannister ran a mile in less than four minutes, everyone concluded it was impossible. Soon after, the four-minute mile became almost routine. Did the competing runners become more physically fit? The experts say "no." Once the athletes believed it was possible, it was possible. In fact, it was expected. We can point to similar examples throughout the world of selling.

Expectation brings successful experiences and successful experiences reinforce the power of confidence in selling.

Good luck and good selling!

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