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Build a Professional Image


"The smallest good act today is the capture of a strategic point from which, a few months later, you may be able to go on to victories you never dreamed of." C. S. Lewis

Building a professional image tends to soften your market. It facilitates the process of turning prospects into clients. It keeps these clients coming back and endorsing you to others. Building a professional image brings profitable growth to your business or practice.

Here are six ways in which you can build your image:

1. Project Success. Prospects focus on you before they focus on what you are selling. Their perception of you carries considerable influence in their decision to do business with you. Study successful salespeople. Cultivate an appearance that projects an image of competence, confidence, and pride in your sales performance.

2. Project Professionalism. When prospects and clients come into your office, they expect to see professionalism. Make certain they see and feel evidence of success. They should be greeted warmly and made to feel welcome. In addition to attractive and appropriate artwork, they should see your professional designations on your office wall.

3. Project Good Taste. Carefully consider the design of business cards and stationery you use. Keep both conservative.

4. Establish a Network. This is not something you do overnight. It takes years of networking. These are relationships you build with people you can rely upon. These are colleagues for whom you do favors. You support their projects. You listen to their problems and they do the same for you. They send you business; you send them business. Make sure the title you use reflects what you do. An attractive brochure can enhance your image. It can display your credentials and communicate to your prospects the broad range of products and services you offer.

5. Project a Message. Regular, informative mailings to key clients and prospects keep your name in circulation, in mind. It does this in an inexpensive, positive, non-threatening way. You will want to investigate the several industry-related newsletters that can be sent monthly or quarterly.

6. Write Articles and Schedule Speaking Engagements. An excellent strategy to help you become known for what you know is to publish articles. Trade-association journals and newsletters are usually looking for articles. Published material establishes you as an authority. Circulating reprints will have a powerful influence on prospects and clients. Use industry, club, and community speaking engagements to build your image in front of potential customers. These organizations are usually looking for speakers. As with written articles, speeches create a powerful image of you as an authority.

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