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The Art of Listening

Being a good listener is a forgotten art that is simply magic in selling. Show people you are sincerely interested in what they are saying; give them all the eager attention and appreciation that they crave and are so hungry for, but seldom get. Here's how you can develop the art of listening: Look people straight in the eyes [...]

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Take Responsibility for Your Success

Most of what we do in sales is beyond our control. Our customers make the rules. Our job is to show up and do our best.The nature of the beast is that any number of a thousand things can kill a sale (sometimes two thousand). When asked what went wrong or why we failed to get the business, we have [...]

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Never Give Up

A solid base for success is perseverance. Dismissed from a major newspaper with the advice to try something else because he had no talent, a young man considered giving up -- but he didn't. His name ... Walt Disney.Another young man who loved flying, crash-landed the first two times he soloed and, the third time, he flew head-on into another [...]

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Maintain Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is at the foundation of all progress! Talent is valuable but, without enthusiasm, it pales at the point of sale. Enthusiasm is the difference between mediocre and superior success in selling.Where do you get this energizing quality of enthusiasm? How do you maintain it after you tap into it? Admonition one: Take responsibility for your own level of enthusiasm throughout [...]

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Think Success

Your mind is an amazing piece of equipment. When your mind works one way, it carries you to certain success in selling. But the same mind operating in a different way will produce a total failure.Condition your mind to consider this question often, "Is this the way a successful salesperson does it?" You can use this mental prompter to keep [...]

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Dedicate Yourself to Selling

We are all salespeople! Every day of our lives, we are selling our ideas, our plans, our products and our enthusiasm to everyone.Dedicate yourself to excellence in selling! Resolve to be a winner! Declare war on mediocrity, on pessimism! Dedicate yourself to the ideal that yours is a great profession - one that is filled with endless opportunities for [...]

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Time Savers to Keep You Selling

Here are some specific solutions to gain control of your time. Time management is crucial and the good news is, it's a skill that can be learned! We encourage you to implement these time savers immediately. You'll see how simple it is to focus on the high-payoff activities when you are in charge of your time. Make every call [...]

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Build an Outstanding Career

The effective salesperson is constantly improving in every area. We realize becoming a standout performer, as a rule, is not a "short haul" proposition. Building an outstanding career in selling is a long-term operation. Greatness in selling is never something conferred; it's something achieved. It's not something given; it's something earned. It's not an accident of birth, but an attitude of quality -- a [...]

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Manage Sales Resistance

Today's successful sales professionals sell consumer satisfaction ahead of product. Because they are consumer oriented, they know their prospects are more interested in their own problems, needs and wants than in their products and services.Sal Marino, publisher of the Steel magazine (now known as Industry Week), provided the best strategy for managing sales resistance when he said this: "In the next 24 hours, [...]

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​Talent + Motivation + Optimism = Success

Optimism is the constant companion of high-performing salespeople. It's their trademark, their way of life. Optimism is the difference that makes a big difference. The traditional formula for success has looked something like this: Talent + Motivation = Success.Psychologist Martin Seligman suggested some new formulas: Talent + Motivation + Optimism = Success Talent + Motivation + Pessimism = FailureThe idea is that you [...]

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