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Think Success

Your mind is an amazing piece of equipment. When your mind works one way, it carries you to certain success in selling. But the same mind operating in a different way will produce a total failure.Condition your mind to consider this question often, "Is this the way a successful salesperson does it?" You can use this mental prompter to keep [...]

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Dedicate Yourself to Selling

We are all salespeople! Every day of our lives, we are selling our ideas, our plans, our products and our enthusiasm to everyone.Dedicate yourself to excellence in selling! Resolve to be a winner! Declare war on mediocrity, on pessimism! Dedicate yourself to the ideal that yours is a great profession - one that is filled with endless opportunities for [...]

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Time Savers to Keep You Selling

Here are some specific solutions to gain control of your time. Time management is crucial and the good news is, it's a skill that can be learned! We encourage you to implement these time savers immediately. You'll see how simple it is to focus on the high-payoff activities when you are in charge of your time. Make every call [...]

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Build an Outstanding Career

The effective salesperson is constantly improving in every area. We realize becoming a standout performer, as a rule, is not a "short haul" proposition. Building an outstanding career in selling is a long-term operation. Greatness in selling is never something conferred; it's something achieved. It's not something given; it's something earned. It's not an accident of birth, but an attitude of quality -- a [...]

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Manage Sales Resistance

Today's successful sales professionals sell consumer satisfaction ahead of product. Because they are consumer oriented, they know their prospects are more interested in their own problems, needs and wants than in their products and services.Sal Marino, publisher of the Steel magazine (now known as Industry Week), provided the best strategy for managing sales resistance when he said this: "In the next 24 hours, [...]

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​Talent + Motivation + Optimism = Success

Optimism is the constant companion of high-performing salespeople. It's their trademark, their way of life. Optimism is the difference that makes a big difference. The traditional formula for success has looked something like this: Talent + Motivation = Success.Psychologist Martin Seligman suggested some new formulas: Talent + Motivation + Optimism = Success Talent + Motivation + Pessimism = FailureThe idea is that you [...]

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Choose Words Carefully

Communication - everyone is discussing it, studying it, practicing it. In selling, good communication involves more than good speaking. It also requires choosing the right words, the fewest words and the motivational-strength words. In selling, your principal tools are words: Keep them razor sharp. The right word, spoken with emphasis, enthusiasm, and expectancy, becomes [...]

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Watch Your Self-Talk

Self-talk shapes your selling life. Have you seen the breathtaking pillars in Mammoth Cave in Kentucky? Those enormous "icicles of stone" have taken centuries to form. A single drop of water finds its way through the roof of the cavern to deposit its tiny sediment on the floor of the cave. Another drop follows, and still another, until a marble-like [...]

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You Can Give Yourself a Raise

In sales, you are measured and rewarded not by the hours you put in but by what you put in the hours. The quality of selling time is a function of what you spend it doing, where you spend it, how you spend it, and with whom you spend it.Here's a study we've made ourselves and encouraged many people in [...]

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Ron Dupuis joining Kinder Brothers as Vice President and Senior Consultant

David Smith, CEO of Kinder Brothers International (KBI), is pleased to announce the appointment of Ronald (Ron) Dupuis CFP, CLU, ChFC as Vice President and Senior Consultant.  Ron will support KBI’s client companies across Asia to accelerate their agency development and related distribution initiatives. From nearly four decades of association with founders Jack and Garry Kinder, Ron’s experience with [...]

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