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Prepare Logically - Adapt Needfully

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Professional Patterns of Excellence

"Selling is a business of dips, dives, diversions, changes, adaptations, and rolling with the punches. If we know that, why not make these detours work for us instead of destroying our energy?" Burt Meisel, CLU

Study the word PLAN. To us, it's always meant: Prepare Logically -- Adapt Needfully. In other words, make thoughtful, definite plans. Then, adapt and modify those plans as the situation might require.

Great salespeople, like effective performers in all walks of life, are those who are organized, flexible, and adaptable. They size up situations and, when the occasion demands, they quickly, effectively and confidently alter their original course and go to "Plan B." In the Navy, this kind of adaptability is referred to as "changing the course." In 

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the Boy Scout training, it's called "improvising." In football, it's "calling an audible." In selling, it's adapting the prepared agenda to meet the need. In other words, the situation is the boss.

In every sales encounter, you must learn to adjust and adapt. When the prospect starts making objections and offering resistance, "call an audible" -- adjust and adapt. Display flexibility. Move ahead to achieve your goal - another satisfied customer.

Remember that in order to be able to adapt needfully, you must be prepared. Ad-libs are for amateurs. Preparation will give you the confidence to adapt, should the situation require it. 

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