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Do It - And Then Some!

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Our business in life is not to get ahead of others but to  get ahead of ourselves - to break our own records,to  out-strip our yesterdays by our today; to do the little parts of our work with more force than ever before.

-Stewart Johnson

Emmitt Smith, #22, was an All-Pro running back for the World Champion Dallas Cowboys. His impressive statistics are well known to football fans. Regularly, Emmitt lead all rushers in yardage gained, yards per carry and touchdowns scored.

Little known and seldom talked about is what the football experts,like John Madden, call Emmitt's most impressive statistic. It's his YAC numbers. That's correct -his Yards after Contact. You see, Emmitt is one of those "And then some" performers. He's at his best after the initial resistance. Emmitt is a model of excellence on this score for everyone in selling to emulate.

We're convinced those three little words -And Then Some- make the difference between average salespeople and top performers.

Long before the famous discovery of Alexander Graham Bell, Wilhelm Reiss, the German schoolmaster, constructed a telephone through which he could whistle or hum. However, the gadget couldn't transmit speech. Something was lacking! Reiss never let the electrodes touch in his telephone. Bell then followed Reiss and discovered that a little screw controlled the telephone electrodes.

Accidentally, he moved the screw one-thousandth of an inch and speech, articulate and clear, came through. History records that the fraction of an inch made an enormous difference.

You maybe just that short distance from success in your selling career. Just a little improvement in your daily planning,a little adjustment in your sales presentation, a little additional product knowledge,a little more positive action,or persistence-and unusual success can become yours. Plan and prepare purpose - fully, proceed positively, pursue persistently.

Chances are good a very slight improvement in your day-to-day selling habits will have a huge cumulative impact at the end of your year. "It is but the littleness of man that sees no greatness in trifles, said Wendell Phillips. Every selling day is a little life.

Your entire selling life is but a day repeated. Little random acts of kindness and courtesy can become your unique competitive edge.

Gates of achievements wing wide for the salesperson who sees infinite possibilities in the insignificant. This is especially true with those sales reps who are determined to deliver a little extra and do a little extra. Consider three little words. They will point you toward success. The three words are - And Then Some.

We're convinced these words make the difference between average salespeople and top performers.

The high achievers do what is expected...

And Then Some.

They hold themselves responsible for higher standards. They make good

on commitments and responsibilities ...

And Then Some.

They can be counted on to represent the company and themselves

in a professional manner. Their selling success secret  is wrapped up in these little words...

And Then Some!

Taken from:  21st Century Positioning by Jack and Garry Kinder

Dare and Dream in 2019!

Good Luck and Good Selling, 

Kinder Brothers International

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