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Enrich Your Mind

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Now is the perfect time to enrich your mind and prepare for tomorrow!

Here are four success-proven guideposts. They will lead you to greater achievements. They will enrich your mind.

* Read. "Resolve to edge in a little reading every day," Horace Mann advised, "even if it is but a single paragraph or two. If you invest in reading only 15 minutes a day, it will make itself felt by the end of the year."

Setting aside just 15 minutes a day will enable you to read up to two dozen books a year. Keep it up and you'll have read 1,000 books in your lifetime. That's the equivalent of going through college five times.

Earl Nightingale once wrote, "Books have meant to my life what the sun has meant to the planet earth."

* Mark. The books we cherish most - the ones that become our closest friends - are well marked. Their sentences and paragraphs are underlined. The riches of reading will rapidly multiply for you as you mark, underline, challenge, and often editorialize in the margins. We find ourselves jotting cross-index information in the margins. Such notations are quite valuable when preparing presentations on rather short notice.

* Learn. To learn is to understand, to comprehend, or to attain proficiency in a subject. One of the most effective ways of learning is to outline the book. Incidentally, these same book outlines make great enclosures for communication going to prospects and clients.

* Inwardly Digest. It's not only what individuals eat, but also what they digest, that gives them strength. Likewise, it's not only what we read and how much we read, but what we "digest," what we "internalize," that adds to our knowledge and understanding.

Ponder this favorite thought from Charlie "Tremendous" Jones: "You will be the same person in five years that you are today except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read."

Learn the riches of reading -- and in turn you can enrich the lives of your prospects and clients! 

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