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Persuasion Power


"If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his true friend. Next, probe to discover what he wants to accomplish. Then, instruct him concerning the merits of your proposition." Abraham Lincoln

In its professional sense, the term "sales person" designates those whose vocation is that of distribution: the direct work of marketing products and services. In its specific sense, to "sell" is to induce the consumer to buy.

Most every consumer study suggests that people buy your product today, not so much because they understand the product, but because they sense and believe that you understand them. In building your sales presentation, you will want to bear in mind the buying motives. Everyone who buys does so for one or more of four primary motives: protection of life, pleasure in life, pride of ownership, profit. Analyze any sale you have ever made and you will see that consumers' willingness to buy, the actual decision to part with their money, was based upon one or more of these motives.

Persuasion has three functions:

1. A full and complete explanation of the product, which causes the prospect to know and to understand,
2. The proper stimulation of the emotional feelings, which causes the prospect to believe and to desire, and

3. The gentle urging of the will by intensifying desire and assisting action, thus causing the prospect to buy.

Successful sales professionals understand the power of persuasion - they have mastered the art of transferring their conviction to their prospects. Follow the Abraham Lincoln strategy:

* Be genuine in your concern for prospects.
* Know what they want to accomplish.
* Offer solutions that are best for them; you will discover they will be mutually beneficial.

Good luck and good selling!

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